venerdì 14 marzo 2008

welcome to the kitten's place ....

When you come to my house, you won’t find hair balls on the couch or in your soup. My name is Kikka and I am the caretaker of numerous kittens. They sit on my window sill and on my bed. They reside in every nook and cranny of my house. My kittens are completely different. They are hairless and colorful. No, I don't shave them or dye them.

I created the kittens as a design and decorative object. Starting with the ‘Black Chiquito’, I developed various sizes and colors that allowed me to play a bit more with new displays. The kittens have been created and handcrafted in Colombia. They are one of the first projects I have chosen to represent the best of Colombian heritage and to make known a few Colombian artisans. So, despite my allergies, I found life buddies. Unconsciously, they became one of the dearest things to me. They gave me company and happiness. Thanks to these kittens I now know the feeling a pet can give.

There are thousands of ways to interact with the kittens. We can use them to warm up our homes and daily environment. They can give us sensations and feelings. You might even miss them a lot. After moving my kittens to my first window display in a boutique in Milan, my living room seemed empty and I suddenly felt lonely.

Working with Colombian artisans is something that has not only enhanced my life, but also my professional experience within the European and American fashion industry. I am confident in the creativity of my crafts people. Their ability to create kittens is truly a form of artistic communication. The variety of colors, materials, and sizes makes for endless design possibilities. I am most certain that the kittens will become a competitive item in the international market.

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